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Technical Upper-Level Secondary School in Electronics and Informatics HTBLA Salzburg
Master of Business Administration at JKU Johannes Kepler University Linz

Work Experience

23 years Professor for Business and Management in the program Forest Products Technology and Management at Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Campus Kuchl
Lecturer for Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy & Business Modelling, Leadership, Controlling in the forest products industry at DHBW Mosbach, Boku Wien, HSWT Freising, SMBS Salzburg Univer-sity Business School
15 years CEO DerBeraterBerger Marketing Innovation Strategy Consultant & Trainer for local and international accounts
2 years Investment Controller Sony DADC Austria
2 years Senior Consultant for Information Manage-ment Salzburg, Austria

Family Married

Hobbies Cycling, art & architecture, travel & photography, music



Bachelor of Engineering in Forestry at Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Master of Engineering in Environmental Sciences at the University of Kassel, Germany
PhD in International Timber Trade at the Universities of Hamburg, Germany and Växjö Sweden

Work experience

16 years Professor for International Timber Trade at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mosbach, Germany
23 years Lecturer on International Timber Trade at the Universities of Hamburg, Weihenstephan and Rottenburg, Germany, as well as Salzburg Austria
11 years owner of a timber agency in Hamburg, Germany

Family Married

Hobbies Forestry, travelling, art, culture and reading



BSc . in (2000) and MSc . (2002) in production technology , Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TalTech
Ph.D ”Recycling of Composite Materials” (2006), in Machine building , Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TalTech
Short term postdoc in scholarship of Slovak Academy of Science 2009, 2010, ”Bricketing parameters for wood waste”

Work experience

Balteco Ltd, 2000 2006, R&D Engineer for product development
TalTech 2007-2011 Senior Researcher
TalTech 2012- Professor Wood Technology
Board member 2012- Estonian Forestry and Woodworking Association , Estonian Furniture Industry Association

Research topics

Composite materials, recycling composites, ballistic composites, hard wood species for wood based panel products, hygro thermal performance of CLT, wood adhesives, bond strength development, durability, recycling, biocomposites development


Born 1966


Diploma engineer (MSc Tech)

Work experience

Schauman Wood and UPM Plywood, 18 years
Plywood production, R&D, Marketing and Sales
four (4) years in UPM Hamburg sales office
since 2010 Senior lecturer in wood technology

Family Married + three children


Running in the forest, cross country
skiing, fishing, motorboating, ice swimming



Bachelor of Arts (1982), University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa
eMBA, (2003): Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland


Various sales, marketing, logistics and purchasing positions in Finland, Great Britain and Ireland
Lived on British Isles since 1992
Senior Lecturer at LAB University in Lahti, Finland since 2019

Married Wife & two adult children (+ 2 Bichon Frise dogs)

Hobbies Music, reading, travelling


Born 1965


Architect 1993

Work experience

Architectural offices 1987 2001
Teaching at TKK/ architectural dept 1998 2003
Construction manager 2001 2004
R&D Manager, ATL 2005 2017
Architectural offices 2017 2020
since 2020 Principal Lecturer at building design & architecture

Family Single

Hobbies Art, architecture, culture, nature, travelling



M.Sc. in Wood Processing, Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia
B.Sc. in Materials Technology, Tallinn University of Technology

Work experience

Technologist at Barrus AS, an Estonian producer of fingerjointed and laminated pine components (3 years)
Research technician at Norwegian Institute of Bioecenomy Research (NIBIO) (2,5 years)


Reading, dancing, theatre and museums



MSc of Technology of Wood, Plastics and Textiles, Tallinn
University of Technology, Estonia

Bachelor of Architectural Technology & Construction
Management, VIA University Collegue Horsens, Denmark

Work experience

Technical designer for prefabricated wooden houses (2,5 years)

Architect technician (1 year)


Music, hiking, interested in healty food and lifestyle

Guenter Berger

Hubert Speth

Jaan Kers

Ilkka Tarvainen

Esa Mikkonen

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